The Physiotherapy and Sports Injury Centre at Buckshaw Hospital has been extended and redesigned with the most up to date equipment including a new gym with cardio-vascular equipment and Cybex Isokinetics, the       only accurate measurement of muscular strength and stamina. 

We use a holistic approach to treatment with a wide range of contemporary therapies to manage and rehabilitate each individual's problems by thorough assessment and personally tailored treatment packages. This enables you to rapidly return to full function and maintain that function through knowledge and exercise. 

Programmes use the latest evidence-based practice to assist rapid recovery with the emphasis on careful exercise and total body care.

To make an appointment of for more information phone directly on 01257 237037

We have a Rapid Access Clinic for acute upper limb problems

The rehabilitation of patients is a vital part of recovering from upper limb surgery. The rehabilitation programme is carried out by Chartered Physiotherapists who have specialist training in orthopaedics. They provide a high quality of care using the latest techniques for mobilisation and assessment at all stages during the recovery period. We also have the benefits of a fully equipped on-site gym offering a wide range of diagnostic and exercise equipment used in the care of post-operative upper limb orthopaedic conditions. We ensure continuity of care by liaising with local physiotherapists when appropriate.

Our physiotherapists are experienced in the use of up to date and proven protocols to help patients  recover from surgery.

Physiotherapy can also be arranged at both Buckshaw Hospital and Renacres Hall Hospital.

Links to physiotherapy exercises for rehabilitation after surgery.

Early exercises after Subacromial Decompression

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