Neck Problems

thinker neck

Support for the neck is provided by the individual bones or vertebrae of the cervical spine. Neck problems are very common in middle and older age. They can often present as shoulder pain. Pain from the neck can often radiate down towards the upper shoulder area. Just like in the lower back, discs between the vertebra can bulge (prolapsed intravertebral disc) and pressure on nerves passing through this area can cause pain that radiates down through the shoulder to the elbow and hand. It can be quite difficult to distinguish between shoulder pain from the neck and shoulder pain due to the shoulder itself.

MRI scans can help to identify a disc prolapse and will also clearly show wear and tear changes in the spine. Physiotherapy is the most common treatment though disc prolapse is often treated surgically. Patients requiring such surgery can be assessed and scaned by the Upper Limb Centre and then appropriate referral can be made to a spinal surgeon.

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